Pro Thermal Arc Spray Co., Ltd.  Is a professional Thermal Spray Coating company which has been continuously providing the service to our value customers since 1992.

Our Thermal Spray coating (Hard facing coating) technique can prevent the coated parts form corrosion. Erosion, oxidation and abrasion. Moreover, it can also restore or rebuild the wear and tear mechanism parts backing in to the good condition before having defect. By providing the thermal spray coating, many kind of spraying materials having their unique properties have been selected to serve our customer needs. During the process, the temperature on the surface of the work piece is less than 100 C° So, its metallurgy is not changed.

With the long accumulated experience more than 25 years, our custom tailored coating meet the parts, repairing worn parts and lowering downtime. By our problem-solving attitude and the ability to meet out customers’ needs, we have built a long list of satisfied customers with a reputation for quality, fast turnaround and dependable service.